The Rules Of Pooh Sticks
The Rules Of Pooh Sticks

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The Rules Of Pooh Sticks
How To Enter The Championships on Sunday 7th June
How To Enter The Championships on Sunday 7th June

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How To Enter The Championships on Sunday 7th June
What You Need To Know for Sunday 7th June
What You Need To Know for the Championships on Sunday 7th June

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What You Need To Know for Sunday 7th June

Thank you Witney!

P1050466Wow! This was a truly memorable experience for the first World Pooh Sticks Championships to be held in Witney, Oxfordshire. There were hundreds of participants and spectators on Langel Common to watch the event unfold and to meet Pooh, Tigger, Owl and Piglet as well as Deb Hoffman from Wisconsin, USA, the Guinness World Record Holder of the largest Pooh & Friends Memorabilia Collection.

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Should I bring my own stick to the Championships?

Pooh+piglet_cutting_sticksWe provide “competition regulation” sticks for all competitors. We will have eight different colours of sticks and when you hand in your ticket to the Keeper of the Sticks, you will be given a coloured stick. Each of your competitors for your game will have a different colour and you will then stand on the bridge at the coloured marker that matches your stick.

If you have painted a special personalised competition stick at Cogges Farm earlier in the day then you will still be given a coloured stick so that you know where to stand on the bridge but you will be able to drop your own stick for the game. Don’t forget though, we can’t promise to retrieve it and get it back to you. So if you win then you may have to play with a different stick in the next round.

Pooh and Piglet have been helping us to prepare new sticks for this year. Piglet appears to have been the stronger of the two on the day that the secateurs were in use, but they did have a little help from Munro and his family.

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters

Thank you to our sponsors. Their support means that we can cover the costs of some of the basics for our event so that more of the funds raised on the day can be donated to charities supported by the Rotary Club of Oxford Spires. Thank you also to all the groups that will be helping us to deliver what we hope will be a fun and successful event. We are a small Rotary Club and it would not be possible to run these championships without help from others. With our new venue this year, we have new groups helping us including Witney Rotary Club, Cogges Manor Farm, St Mary’s Cogges Church, Witney Cubs and Kidlington Guides.

Don’t forget that Cogges Manor Farm will have a STICK DAY on Sunday 7th June. So come along for a full day of fun – maybe start at the farm in the morning and then come and take part in the championships in the afternoon.


ShelterBox at Pooh Sticks

shelterbox logoHave you heard of ShelterBox? It’s an amazing charity based in Cornwall and set up originally in 2000 with support from a local Rotary Club. It is one of the first organisations to respond to disasters worldwide and its staff and volunteers supply tents and survival kits when communities and their housing have been destroyed.

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Pooh Sticks Championships has a new website

update-postIt brings us great pleasure to announce that The World Pooh Sticks Championships has a new website to go along with its new home in Witney.

After many weeks of development we have moved and updated all the content from the old website to this brand spanking new website. It’s now even easier to find everything you could possibly want about The World Pooh Sticks Championships. Why not read about the previous champions or perhaps you want to see all the photos that you love so much.

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Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day on Sunday 18th January!

Members of our clubs will be having a tea party with our Pooh Bears, Tiggers and their friends. How will you celebrate? Send us your photos and stories to

Thank you to everyone who helped us to make the 31st annual World Pooh Sticks Championships such a great success!

We had players in fancy dress, we had people celebrating their birthdays and mother’s day with us, and it was beautiful sunny day which always helps.

Read about the 2014 championships and see some of the photos

See the Matt cartoon and the response from Pooh, Piglet and Christopher Robin.

Don’t forget that the World Pooh Sticks Championships is Britain’s Favourite Quirky Event (as voted for by the readers of Countryfile Magazine).

Read more about Oxford Spires Rotary in this Oxford Times article.