The event as it is today owes its beginning to former Lock Keeper Lynn David, a keen RNLI supporter, who noticed walkers throwing sticks in the river and rushing to the other side of the bridge to see whose stick emerged first. They were, of course, imitating the game created and made famous by Pooh Bear and his friends.

This gave Lynn the idea of creating an event to raise funds for the RNLI. The first annual event was held in 1984 and it prospered until Lynn’s retirement when, as the result of an appeal, the Rotary Club of Sinodun accepted the challenge of organising the event. This was particularly appropriate as the Club was named after the Sinodun Hills – also known as the “Wittenham Clumps” – which overlook Days Lock. Sinodun Rotary Club handed over to Oxford Spires Rotary Club for the 2009 championship, but they continue to help Spires members run the event each year.

In 2015 Oxford Spires Rotary Cub announced that it was looking for a new venue due to the growing complexities of the logistics at Little Wittenham. Shortly after this announcement we found a new home in Witney where we continue to play Poohsticks to this day. We still continue to work with Sinodun Rotary Club as well as our new partners Cogges Manor Farm and Witney Rotary Club.

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