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The formula for winning Pooh Sticks?

August 26, 2015

_85193010_pa-21416130How to win at Pooh Sticks. Isn’t it just a game of luck or is there any skill in playing the game? This age old question may have been answered once and for all.

Dr Rhys Morgan, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, has created a formula that helps to increase your chances of winning the classic game of Pooh Sticks..


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Rotaract at Pooh Sticks

May 6, 2015

Human Fruit Machine
Have you got some spare time to fill at Pooh Sticks?

Then why not try your luck at winning a prize on one of the fete games available on the day. There’s lots to choose from such as Hook A Duck (not one of the real ones of course!), Splat The Rat and a Human Fruit Machine.