What else is Witney famous for?

You may be surprised to hear that Witney is famous for more than just the World Pooh Sticks Championships. Actually, this is only our third year in Witney so we are very grateful for the residents of the town for welcoming us so enthusiastically.

So what is Witney famous for? Is it the shops, the music festival, Cogges Farm, its recent MP? No, it’s blankets! Witney is famous for blankets and was the centre of blanket manufacturing, known the world over, until just a few years ago when the last blanket mill closed in 2002. Find out about the Cotswold sheep, the river Windrush, the choice to make broadcloth, and the transformation from a cottage industry to a factory-based operation.

You can find out about the history of the town’s core industry at a few places.

There’s the Witney Blanket Story website, there’s the Witney Museum, in Gloucester Court Mews on the High Street, there’s the Witney Blanket Hall and Pie Shop on the High Street  and of course there’s also Cogges Farm which is just a few steps away from the Pooh Sticks bridge on Langel Common.

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