Should I bring my own stick to the Championships?

Pooh+piglet_cutting_sticksWe provide “competition regulation” sticks for all competitors. We will have eight different colours of sticks and when you hand in your ticket to the Keeper of the Sticks, you will be given a coloured stick. Each of your competitors for your game will have a different colour and you will then stand on the bridge at the coloured marker that matches your stick.

If you have painted a special personalised competition stick at Cogges Farm earlier in the day then you will still be given a coloured stick so that you know where to stand on the bridge but you will be able to drop your own stick for the game. Don’t forget though, we can’t promise to retrieve it and get it back to you. So if you win then you may have to play with a different stick in the next round.

Pooh and Piglet have been helping us to prepare new sticks for this year. Piglet appears to have been the stronger of the two on the day that the secateurs were in use, but they did have a little help from Munro and his family.

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