ShelterBox at Pooh Sticks

shelterbox logoHave you heard of ShelterBox? It’s an amazing charity based in Cornwall and set up originally in 2000 with support from a local Rotary Club. It is one of the first organisations to respond to disasters worldwide and its staff and volunteers supply tents and survival kits when communities and their housing have been destroyed.




ShelterBox is now a Rotary Project Partner and is supported by Rotary Clubs across the world, both by giving donations to buy boxes and by supporting the logistics of an operation when a disaster strikes and boxes need to be delivered and distributed to those in need.


whats in a shelterbox - May15We will have a ShelterBox tent set up at Pooh Sticks so that all visitors can see the tent that is delivered to so many countries in need. Just in the last few months ShelterBox has delivered thousands of tents and boxes to Nepal after the earthquakes in April, and to Vanuatu after the cyclone there in March.

A ShelterBox tent can become a home for a family of up to 8 people and the box also contains cooking equipment, water purification equipment, blankets, ground sheets and an activity pack for children.


Read more about ShelterBox and then come along on Sunday 7th June to talk to Andrew about the kit and the charity.


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