Pooh Sticks Championships has a new website

update-postIt brings us great pleasure to announce that The World Pooh Sticks Championships has a new website to go along with its new home in Witney.

After many weeks of development we have moved and updated all the content from the old website to this brand spanking new website. It’s now even easier to find everything you could possibly want about The World Pooh Sticks Championships. Why not read about the previous champions or perhaps you want to see all the photos that you love so much.

On top of the updated content the website has been designed to look great on your mobile phones and tablets. Now you can see all the great Pooh Sticks Championships content on the move.

On top of all this we now have the capacity to add more cool stuff in the future. What could there possibly be? Why not follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to make sure that you are kept up to date will all the latest Pooh Sticks news.

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